Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Today I watched the second episode on the 5th disk of Fancy Lala. It made me cry. This episode involves Lala working with her mom. She sees that her mother has a whole life that she knows nothing about, and becomes insecure and worried. I don't know why I cried, but somehow the way it managed to portray those childhood fears, touched a cord in me.

Although, on the other side, children have a whole life that their parents know nothing about. In keeping with the whole Lala metaphor here, Mrs. Shinohara certainly doesn't know that her daughter is using magic to transform into an older girl. When Mrs. Shinohara thinks Miho is off playing or with friends, she is really working hard to become a star.

I really appreciate this episode. I like an anime that is able to evoke an emotion in me, to make me remember it. I am slightly unhappy that I have to wait til May to see the end, but then again, I feel slightly sad that it is ending at all. At least I'll have an excuse to marathon it.

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