Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Today I am wearing a costume. Navy blue hat, with a split in the brim and a white ribbon. Same ankh as yesterday. A white with swirly gold bracelet. A regular sleeveless black top with grey and white stripes across the chest(I think it's too short, so I have a jacket around my waist). I also have a long black skirt with lace on the bottom, lacey stockings with flower patterns that won't stay up and shoes that are black with silver 'buckles' I''m not good at describing shoes.

My makeup is lavender eyeshadow from the black opal line and red brown lipstick. I'm not too good with makeup. I worry my nail polish is chipped, but as this costume is sort of a reward for getting out of bed and attempting to go to office hours( couldn't find teacher's office) I am not sweating it. At least I have some encouragement to go and do my calc since I am already up.

I have even more ambitious plans. I have a fantasy that I will buy one piece of clothing a week to spruce up my wardrobe. However, it would have to be the platonic ideal of what I wanted that week. In a short time, I'd have a very vibrant wardrobe, which would allow me to dress for moods. However, I'm sure I don't have enough money to do this, obviously.

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