Monday, March 24, 2003

In gym today, the speaker preached to the choir about not overdoing it. Despite the fact that very few college students work out enough to injure themselves from the pure intensity of their workouts, he focused on people who were already working out, only giving one helpful tip( take a ten minute walk break after an hour's hard study) and only giving a few if you don't exercise bad things will happen type of sayings to the rest of us.

Pro exercise people usually do it all wrong. Telling us we have to exercise an hour a day or bad things will happen isn't going to get most of us off our butts and exercising. Most people don't enjoy exercise- thinking of it as painful running or embarrassing weight lifting or sports. What I think they should do is think of some exercise that can be integrated into the lifestyle- taking the stairs, sets of sit-ups when there are commercials on TV, biking to things that are close instead of driving(good for the environment too) and promote it.

Also, they should promote fun, non judgmental exercise. Talk more about jumping roping, and dance classes. Promote classes in which fat people feel comfortable. Don't just preach to the choir, get out and outreach! I personally will only exercise for some other reason. I'll walk the five minutes to the store, but I'm not going to lift weights in the middle of a gym. There must be more people like me out there, you know?

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