Thursday, January 05, 2006

Warning: The following video has sound, and so is NSFW. Also, I felt kinda offended by it, so it may be extremely offensive.

I'd like to discuss why this guy hates white folks so much. I have to admit, I'm not extremely fond of white people, generally because of my belief that if you don't like a group, you should avoid discussing it in front of them. And no, using 'codewords'(like inner city) and being condescending and emotionally abusive still counts. But why does this guy believe that white people want to kill us? Well, the problem I think is how the power structure is set up. White men(mostly) own everything. And if they don't own shit, they are influencing crap. I don't like Alberto Gonzales. He's fucking our civil liberties up. However, Alberto isn't the regular Hispanic man on the street- he was handpicked by asshole white men. I bet if you asked the regular man on the street if it's ok to wiretap US people, they'd be like WTF? No.

The policies of those white people on top seem to be poised to fuck over the rest of us- they want tax cuts for big business and big vacations with their lobbyist pals, but they say they can't afford school lunch for kids or heat for the elderly. The CEOs aren't much better- they take millions in compensation, but are always laying off people, and not moving forward with work-life balance policies. Some may say 'hey, but black people *could* be awful if they owned everything', but seriously, I can understand why an "is" and a "was" is a lot more convincing to that guy than a "might be".

Some may say, hey, but what about the white people who aren't running shit? Well, I understand why people think they are with the assholes on top. They mostly seem to be under the illusion that if they are good, one day, they'll be on top. So instead of working to improve things, they mostly spend their time talking about if it wasn't for those darn n words, we'd have a pure meritocracy, and my value would be recognized, or if those poor people would just stop being poor, my pay packet would be so fat that I'd be able to buy my way on top. Maybe one or two even attempt to be decent, and I'm sorry, but that's just not going to cut it.

It's a bunch of crap, and I can see why an old guy like that would be skeptical. I don't think you gotta kill the lot of 'em, but really, I'm not too surprised. People expect black folks to accept racism, and the prevailing power structure without being angry, and are surprised when we are, although they don’t criticize whites for proposing harsh punishment for blacks for stuff that most of us don’t even do. If you treat people like crap, some of them will want to kill you.

One comment (on youtube where I found this video) is like OMG, NAZIS, but seriously, the Jews didn’t do shit to the Nazis. This is more like a Jew in the pre concentration camp era saying they should kill all the Nazis. Maybe uncalled for- but you’re not surprised.

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