Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have finished Robert Jensen's Heart of Whiteness. It is a good starting primer for those who are unfamiliar with white privilege. I especially like how the book is footnoted, so you can immediately look at his sources, and also how he suggests further reading. A must for every white person. And read the whole book too! The copy that I borrowed only has underlines in the first few chapters. I hope the person decided to be polite from then on, but probably not.

I felt for the black guy with his internalized inferiority. He got over it, but I have to admit I have an inferiority complex. Although I have to admit that at least I'm working hard, unlike some people. I also was personally affected by Jensen's talk about how we should all recognize(OK, he was talking to white people, but hey, I universilize) when we are being fools. I'm a bit over sensitive about acting foolish, and should be lighter and less nervous with others. Overall to me some of his points were a bit basic- like white people have privilege and people of color in fact do not like being dead, but to a lot of people, this book would be a revelation.

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