Monday, January 16, 2006

In the Daily Show, John Hodgeman(sp?) plays an out of touch 'expert'. Great costuming with the bright red tie and blue jacket. I also like the heavy black glasses. Very good performance too. Also, the director of the new movie Why We Fight appeared on the show. It occurred to me that this guy has seen the 'system', but is looking at one aspect of it- i.e. the part where we have this huge defense complex and go around bombing countries for 'freedom'. Other parts of the system include the part where we shoot black guys who reach for their wallets, strip search ten year old girls, and talk about what a big slut a girl is when her gang rape is on tape. I call it 'white supremacist capitalist patriarchy' because I admire bell hooks and so am using her words.

Oh, Colbert mocked racist white folk so hard today. "We hang out![about a black guy] Here's a picture of us together" "They are making [black guy's name] work today too! I'm just as angry as you are!" Black Guy: "I'm not angry." Oh, he mocks white guy history(i.e. a bunch of stuff people made up) so hard too, and white guys bitching about immigration too. Thanks for making jokes that many people won't get, people who write the Colbert Report.

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