Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tip to white folks: Don't act a fool.(post is friends locked though) Communities for people of color are our space. You're allowed just as long as you don't cut up. Some people may ask why do we need people of color space on the internet? Because for many people of color, we need a space where we can gather and have our views respected. While real life spaces are useful, and necessary, the internet lets people of color from Vermont to Atlanta trade experiences and gain a consciousness of the greater picture- that is that it's not just the South or the idiots at your college, but structural discrimination is everywhere.

Not only that, but it is valuable to know that if I want information on books by African authors, that I can ask in a space that is generally free from the assumption that black people don't read or don't write. If I want to ask about my hairtype, I can speak about it freely, and get information that is useful and doesn't belittle my hair for not being the holy grail of American beauty(straight hair- even people with straight hair want it straighter). Also, this space promotes honesty about the system of white supremacy. When one is in a space where they feel they can speak freely, this breaks the silence about white supremacy.

I feel that when we are finally honest about the system, then we can take steps to change it. Group cohesion is the best weapon we have against the system, and it's easier to work across state and national lines on the internet. That's why people of color space works- we come together on common ground, and build a community.

Here's another good explanation of safe space.

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