Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today I forgot they were going to harvest the garden. Total GEH. And now I have to face the algebra practice drill, like double GEH. Or read about the social construction of something...triple GEH.

I watched Oniisama E episode 10. I was trying to figure out this episode, as I didn't understand it the first time I watched. Mariko scares Nanako at her(Mariko's) birthday party, by not letting Nanako go home. Nanako frightened by this bizarre behavior, stops talking to Mariko. This episode, Mariko stops eating, and faints. I love Kaoru no Kimi in this episode- because this episode was after her relapse, her words on the importance of health, and how Mariko only thinks health is unimportant because she is still healthy really ring true. However, I didn't get why Nanako called her a hero, even though yes, Mariko is fighting with loneliness alone. However, her means are so shocking to me that the fight becomes lost in that. Not eating til someone forgives you seems shockingly passive, or maybe just self destructive. In one of the reasons I love this show, Mariko and the self destructive Saint Juste are visually compared. I agree- they are both self destructive. But what will happen next? And I wonder if any men are portrayed as being self destructive like this? I can't remember any..

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