Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This girl in my American Studies class had a class canceled today because the professor was a friend of the King family, and was in mourning after hearing the news. Today was our first day at mentoring. The kids were bigger than I thought they would be- taller than me, and definitely larger. We played a game in which people who had a certain item or liked a certain thing that the person at the middle of the circle called out. One of the girls always got laid out every time. Kids, what can I tell you. Then we had a journal activity. There were too many mentors and too few mentees, so some of the mentors had to be floaters like me. I gave people stuff like scissors, gel pens, foam letters,etc for their journals. Another one of the floaters twisted together pipe cleaners for the girls- even making one with two colors of green for the green obsessed girl. Two of the mentees got yelled at for horse play, and there was a weird incident about a fake cell phone.

Anyway, we went back to a classroom for class. One of the teachers at the school came too. He was there earlier and fussed at one of the girls. Our class went smoothly, except for like when our teacher noticed this really weird board at the back. It was a normal word blob board on cause and effect- but under cause was written 'rape' and the effects were community 'girls and women scared to go out' personal 'depression, fear', etc. That's fucked up. Another odd classroom decoration was that on the other wall in sqiuggly letters was written the poem that appears on the Statue of Liberty about huddled masses, golden lamps, etc.

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