Sunday, January 01, 2006

In my first post of 2006, I'll be confused about people who want English only stuff. I don't get it. Nearly everything is in English already, so why do we need a law about it? If immigrants are having difficulty learning English, why don't we lobby for bills to create more ESL classes, rather than trying to make every sign in English? I mean, literacy and being able to speak a language are also two different skills. People might be able to say a few basic things in English, but not be able to read well enough to read official documents. They are still learning English, but even though I'm not an expert, it seems that it'd take several years to get really good at it. Also, how come some people think that having an accent counts as not speaking English? I'm a native speaker, but I have a southern accent that is quite deep! Anyway, I can't speak any languages at all, let alone without an accent, so I can't really complain about people working hard to speak my language.

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