Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I was reading a long thread at feministe and the behavior of one of the trolls made me think of something annoying, It seems to me that anti feminist women(I'm not sure what sex the person who made the comment about the makeup was though) tend to rely more on crap like that. I'm a short timid person, and so am always the target of this sort f bullying- with the catty implied comments, the malicious gossip,etc. I think it's because if you don't believe you have any power in yourself(and anti feminist women don't- instead of relying on their own skills and smarts, they rely on approval from men) you think you have to go behind someone's back. Now, I'll snap at people in a moment, and I'll rant, but I don't do this sort of evil shit, because I know that it's worth something to me to be a decent person. But if your position in life depends on saying "hey, I'm better than those yucky feminists with like..thoughts and stuff",'re stuck making jabs at some chick's eyeliner on the internet instead of improving yourself.

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