Saturday, January 07, 2006

I got this article from hysterical blackness(warning: you need bugmenot for the article). I think I still prefer the 'thick' black identity based on blacks sharing the culture we have produced and created for ourselves. I like to play at being a global child who loves to partake from all cultures of course, but truly, what allows me to do that is that I'm rooted in black culture. It's sort of a home for me. When white culture confuses me too much, I can always go and read a book of black poetry or talk to somebody black and hear who played in what, and what had happened was this or that. I like to read about Asian cultures, and I enjoy Japanese comics and cartoons- but when I get home from my travels of the mind, well, the well worn black books I've read since childhood are still there, and after I get done eating Thai food, I can have hopping john or hot water cornbread.

I think it's important for us all to have a 'home' someplace. Even if we want to talk about how we are all global citizens, there's always a place where we started from. Even if we're running away from that place, that's where we started running. I like going to Europe, yes, and might even become an expat one day, but America, Black America in particular, will always be my home.

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