Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Judith Hall will be the death of me. And William James. And Madam Lafayette. I hate you all. I have been confirmed in my opinion that Europe is the most boring place on the planet. If I have to hear about how millions of people were hacked into tiny little bits because of who was fucking who or about how if you see an awe inspiring piece of art and a bunch of people live in the area making similar pieces of art, the obvious explanation is that a bunch of people from thousands of miles away walked in, created the art and disappeared without a trace. I even don't care about the role of the patriarchy in whether people touch each other or not. Speaking of the patriarchy, Twisty talks about people who don't belong on her blog. I don't remember a huge influx of why do you hate white people posters here, but I'll preempt you. The difference between my dislike of white folks and white people's racist hate of blacks is that whites can escape from my dislike. Basically, all they have to do is not be complete and total fucktards, and read a book sometimes. Not to mention my dislike of whites does not mean I leave them to die in fetid feces filled swamps caused by hurricanes, but that's another matter.

But the thing is that there's nothing blacks can do to make whites not hate them, because it's not based on behavior. For example, yea, a few people stole a TV or two while stranded in New Orleans. But I bet you a million bucks that the same amount or even more people lent a hand to their neighbor in this time of crisis or were in fact heroic while they were stranded. However, who will be considered the face of the black man? When people talk about the culture of black people, will they talk about the strong family ties that lead a 6 year old to be able to save his cousins? Will they talk about the strength and self reliance that it takes to survive for days without any help, even if it means taking items that were a total loss? At best, we can expect the black heroes to be seen as special exceptions, as not like those other black people.

But, in reality, the blacks that are working hard and preserving dignity under hard circumstances are the majority. I can even respect someone who is selling bootleg CDs on the street, as at least they are making an effort, even though it's a totally misguided one. However, I do not see that sort of effort on the white side. I see people saying crap like "English Only" "They deserved to die because they didn't take personal responsibility" "White people wouldn't do crap like this"(overheard on campus- the white male recounting the story seemed embarrassed that he was even the same species as the loser who said that) and other stuff. It's not just saying stupid things- it's not even thinking before letting yourself be sold a bill of goods. Why even pretend that the system works on merit, when you know your boss got his job because he knew some dude, and wouldn't know his ass from an anteater? Why make a fuss over a few dollars going to a mother to feed her babies, when billions of dollars are being spent to blow up babies?

Not to mention often you'll hear any excuse to avoid actually fixing racial problems. I don't have time to educate myself. Kids are starving in Africa, I'll get to you after they are all fed. (as if putting a few bucks into the Africa relief fund somehow meant you couldn't fix your attitudes towards blacks at home). We don't have racism in X place. (what, is there a magical force field?) Well, that's in the past(yea, the past five minutes) What about the poor displaced white man? Basically, if all the problems on earth were solved, there'd still be some excuse at why fighting racism against people of color is at the end of the line. I'd respect people more if they just said "I hate you guys and don't give a fuck about your lives". At least they'd be honest, and not totally insulting to the intelligence.

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