Sunday, March 27, 2005

Yesterday, I got a copy of The Male Body by Susan Bordo from Eagle Eye Books(support independent bookstores). I haven't read that yet, since I'm still on Lilith's Brood, which is great sci fi. However, I should take this opportunity to quote a quotable from Unbearable Weight, which was always checked out of the school library, and that I finally found in a Half Price Books in Milwaukee(props to the guy who got it down for me. much love. much love.)

"Television is..the great teacher here, our prime modeler of plastic pluralism: if one Donahue show features a feminist talking about battered wives, the next show will feature mistreated husbands... All are given equal weight by the great leveler- the frame of the television screen" (Bordo, Unbearable Weight p. 258)

Discuss. Why might all things not be equal? What are some examples you can think of? Whose interest does it serve to pretend that all things are equal?

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