Wednesday, March 02, 2005

See what happens to rich whites born without consciences- they get people worried about whether their pillows in jail are fluffy enough. I mean seriously, what about all the black, Hispanics and also, I'm sure poor whites get a bit of a rough time, but not as rough as black and Hispanic people, who we are throwing in jail? I mean, they aren't all doing stuff like this guy which shows a total and complete lack of conscience,morality,etc. You could be smoking a plant or shoplifting, and still be fucked, but this guy gets oooh, he isn't comfortable in jail?

Maybe he should have thought about that before torturing and raping his victim, eh? I'm sure she's not getting "Oh, are your pillows fluffy enough?" She's being called a slut, because you know it's perfectly ok to put objects in people and gang rape them when they are unconscious if they don't live up to some imaginary standard of purity. Women- don't be fooled. That imaginary standard of purity doesn't mean it can't happen to you. Unless you are a ten year old virgin, and they can probably think of ways to say the little kid was a slut too! If we uphold this standard, we are nearly guaranteeing that we will be dismissed or ignored when we tell our stories.

So shut up with calling folks sluts and whores because they got more than you did. Yes, I admit being jealous and saying that, but I'm trying to reform and not be a jealous ass bitch just because someone else is getting more ass than me. Yes, she is getting more ass than you- but how does that make her unworthy of respect?

And men- that standard of purity is stupid- what is on your body belongs to you regardless. You control what's on your body- that's your penis, your hands, your tongue,etc,etc. It doesn't matter whether she's fucked a hundred men in a day. Keep it to yourself!

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