Monday, March 07, 2005

Clue By Four Exercise

1)Read a major magazine like Newsweek or Time. If most of a story is about white people, from a white viewpoint(like a white person talking about the situation in Iraq) or features mostly white people, mark that story as 'white', but if it's about people of color from a person of color viewpoint, or features(not just tokens, y'all. They have to be the main character) people of color, mark that a POC story. See the difference?

2) Minorities comprise about 25% of the US population. If less than 1/4th of the major characters(or even minor characters) are PoC, mark that show as 'white'. See the difference?

3)When going to class, see who is mentioned. Are there any POC mentioned at all? Probably not.

4)Read "See You When We Get There", how does the white author point out the difficulties of telling the stories of people of color? Do you think that if the teachers featured in this book were trying to get a book deal on a similar project that it'd be as easy? Bonus: What style is the author using? (hint: this probably has nothing to do with race) Double Bonus: Why do you think conservatives have the free time to bash anything that MIGHT make them think?

5)Why do you think white people want to call people niggers so much?

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