Friday, March 04, 2005

"The assumption is made that persons of color(because it is hardly ever noted by respondents that white women also benefit from affirmative action) who are unqualified are assisted by affirmative action...Yet, I would argue that when the same verbal 'slip' occurs repeatedly among a group of people, it amounts to more than a coincidence- it's a discursive construction that reveals something about the way whites see themselves and others" Being White by Karyn McKinney p. 155. The emphasis occurs in the original.

In chapter 5, she quotes her student's whining, and then she is rebutting it bit by bit. This book is of medium use to me because I already see whites as a group. Like their whiteness isn't invisible. However, she does a good amount of analysis and brings in some new thoughts. Although, just chapter five means that you should give this book a look.

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