Monday, March 07, 2005

"Mr Phillips' comments were not aimed at black girls - GCSE results in England show that "black African" girls are scoring higher grades than "white British" boys." from this article.

And now for something completely different! TMI.
I am starting to think that not having a hairy pussy is a eurocentric beauty ideal, because man, my hair is coarse! It is actually nappier at the head level, tending to straightness on the uh..personal level, but my hair is really strong on all levels. The only place where it isn't so strong is on my legs which never get very hairy even if I spend a month with them unshaven. I am also slightly more uncomfortable with beauty standards like on areas that I personally don't think are displayed to all and sundry. I will try to be good and refrain from personal judgments of other women's sexual behavior now.

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