Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I like the idea in here that we are allowed to be angry. He is absolutely right about who the winners are when we're not allowed to be angry, or to protest ill treatment. People often act like the actual anger is the problem, not what caused it. However, whenever you try to treat the effect, without treating the cause, it'll just happen again.

Once I had a little grease fire burning on the stove. Instead of putting water on it (that is very dangerous, BTW), I turned the stove off. When the heat source stopped, the fire stopped.

That's a good analogy for me, because when I feel my rights and feelings are being disrespected and ignored, I get angry. It is not because of some huge personal flaw that I should try to psychobabble away, it's because I want respect- a basic human need. You don't get respect by pretending it's your fault when it wasn't. You don't get respect by being passive. You get it by standing up for yourself. So fuck anyone who says I shouldn't.

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