Friday, August 22, 2003

I don't understand religious people. This guy could have put the monument in the front yard of a church, and everyone would be happy. This may be because I'm not a 'true believer' but there's a time and a place for things. Just because I can put a pentagram on the walls of my room if I so desire, doesn't mean I can use taxpayer money and put a pentagram in public places. The people defending this guy would probably oppose my putting a pentagram in the court house, but if you let one religion in, you have to let them all in.

I never got why they don't just be religious in church and in their personal life, but realize that there are a lot of different religions out there. For example, you never hear of Jews trying to make people pray in schools. They go, practice their religion and don't bother anyone with it. I'm sure their God is pleased, and noone else has to be bothered about their personal beliefs.

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