Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I don't respect people who are bigoted against gays. This is a good litmus test for assholes, I think. If you are willing to hate someone who didn't do anything to you, and can't possibly affect your life with their trait over flimsy reasons like "other people don't like them" or "some book said so"(although, the Bible does say "love thy neighbor"), you're probably not going to split hairs over hating someone because they wear different clothes, or a different hairstyle.

I remember I knew this girl in high school, who incidentally was a lesbian. She was a Christian, but people thought she was a devil worshiper because she dressed a bit gothic at times. Whereas I, by dint of my fairly conservative clothing, was thought of as a religious girl, while in reality, I am pretty much an atheist. It's not like my puny human mind has the power to grasp whether there are omnipotent beings creating universes or not, so it's pretty silly to base your life around something you probably don't even understand.

That's the crazy thing about religion. People are talking about things they have no way of knowing about, and totally basing their lives around it. It'd be OK if it was like well, I prefer to think this way, but if you think another way, it's good too. (Although, I do know some religious people like that. That's good because they aren't easily tempted into hate, you know?) But many people want to destroy people's lives over this, and it's crazy.

It's like September 11th. People totally ignored any good words this Allah has said, and decide to kill people because of what? Because of a few lines that someone could have misinterpreted? I just don't understand.

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