Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Today's link popourri theme is that unpleasant things happen to good people. It's good to remind people of that because it's so easy to sit up in your ivory tower and think that bad things only happen to bad people. I'd like to give those people a reality check.

The nodding disease, mysteriously strikes children, giving them seizures and sometimes causing death. A possible cause is parasites, but how it spreads and how to cure it is unknown.

A soldier, whose motives are unknown, maybe he wanted to serve his country, maybe he wanted to create a life for himself has died in Iraq today. The President has said some untruths in his rush to get us over there, and so, his young life has ended. Also killed was a ten year old Iraqi boy. He will not grow up to see this new Iraq they envision.

The rich give barely anything to charity and when they do, it's for a tax write off. They could do more with their wealth than buy another BMW.

There's lots of AIDS in the black community, yet barely anyone seems to be talking about it. Black churches might help heighten the misery with their anti gay rhetoric, which pushes gay behavior to the margins where it can become very unsafe, and their alliance with white churches on the idea of depriving people of sex ed.

In the US, it seems that they were detaining people without proper trials. Being Muslim is not a crime,ok?

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