Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Today is let's all weigh in on abortion day, so I'll type my sentiments. I personally am pro choice as there are so many things that could happen in life. One day you're happy and healthy, and another day, you took antibiotics or St. John's Wort, your pill doesn't work right, and so you have to give up your entire future? It's easy to say "shit happens" when the shit isn't happening to you.

Also, I saw a pretty sad ad today. Two cute little black moppets have their arms around each other, and they are smiling wide. Across their picture is type saying "They said we would have a better chance of getting adopted if we split up. We talked it over. We'll take our chances" and the ad then has the Dave Thomas Foundation tagline. Kids have been waiting in foster care for years to be adopted, and will just be lost when they age out of the system. But noone ever goes and tries to help them. They are always worried about the cute little fetuses, not that Down syndrome boy who just shit in his pants for the dozenth time today.

I know it's human nature to only care about cute things, but come on, we can do better.

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