Thursday, September 04, 2003

How to Tell If You Might Be a Bit Racist*

1) African American Studies is 'PC bullshit' but Jewish or Italian studies? A perfectly acceptable part of the curriculum.

2)All those 'unqualified' white women getting jobs because of Affirmative Action doesn't bother you, but those blacks..? woah.

3) You go around saying that whites are dirty or have lice or other stupid stereotypes.

4) You freak out about illegal immigrants while enjoying the tasty produce they pick for you

5) You insist that you know everything about someone's culture, because A) you skimmed one book. B)You slept through history C) You once knew a person of that ethnicity

6) You know exactly how many friends of that race you have

7) Not calling them derogatory names is SO MUCH WORK. Basic politeness is SOOOO hard!

8) If Holocaust reparations or Internment Camp reparations are OK, but slavery reparations are the tools of the devil**

9) If one person of that race messes up, all people of that race are like that one person.

10) Thinking that one person talks for the entire race forever.

* Yes, this is a bit slanted to the concerns of blacks.

** You need to be consistent-if horrible things mean that payment is required, then it should be the same for all groups. Although, personally, I think they should build museums for black history and culture, and use that as reparation The worst thing about slavery is the loss of that culture that the people had from their original tribes.

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