Monday, September 22, 2003

I read Narcissa today and I love it. Not only does it have lyrical drawings and poetic language at times, it also has a lot of good humor (I liked Narcissa's dream about the stereotypes her characters would be if that marketer got hold to them) and one liners. Narcissa is on a journey of discovery, but it's not too sappy, and although she may be a narcissist, other characters get their say too. The big flaw in the plot is Narcissa's Victorian Novel Disease- the sort where you can make love all night and go to Spain all day, but you're still going to die in a week. But Lance Took's drawings are to die for.

This is not a plot driven story- Narcissa finds out she is about to die. She goes to Spain is the plot, but learning why Narcissa is who she is, and her experiences as she takes stock of her life one last time make up the strength of this book.

Here is an interview with Lance Tooks which is really interesting.

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