Monday, September 08, 2003

In a victory for legtimate downloaders everywhere, iTunes has sold its ten millionth song. Hopefully when the Windows version comes out, even more people will turn to supporting the artists. It especially invalidates the price argument. If you can get the one song you wanted off the CD for a dollar, there's no real reason to steal, although I am aware no reason is truly needed.

Also, Lea Hernandez' Rumble Girls will be avaliable in manga size format in December. Oni is also adopting the manga size and the lower price, and pushing their comics in bookstores. This has the potential to really increase the comics market. When you have comics that appeal to many different people selling for cheap in mass market stores, I think the conditions will be right for some good stuff to happen.

Although some might worry it might be like the 'graphic novel' glut of the 80s in which every crappy superhero comic was rushed into collections, but I think the market has done a bit of maturing since then, hopefully. Even a glut at this time period would leave behind a few new readers, as many comics have been getting attention in mainstream magazines such as Time.

In other good news, I finally decided to subscribe to Bitch magazine. I think people should support magazines that are about more than just ads being sold to you, and that actually have articles- you know, with more than a hundred words? Also, it sells ad space at a discount for small buisnesses and non profits.

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