Saturday, November 01, 2003

It seems that iTunes is steaming right along, getting to the million song mark about three and a half days after release, twice as fast as the Mac version. I wonder how this will change things. I know I waste substantial time fooling with it.

The good ol' Onion, funny and true! Assholes aren't very fun people for me. I prefer mature people who can make a joke without leaving someone scarred for life. I'm all for humor, but the sort of humor everyone can laugh at and enjoy. When someone makes a mean joke, I usually end up thinking about how I would feel, causing it not to be very funny. However, if someone makes a funny joke, I laugh and enjoy myself. I am not a funny person, although I tend to try to create an environment where funnier people can make jokes and everyone can enjoy themselves. I'll say something knowing that a person who can make a joke will, and everyone laughs without making anyone want to kill anybody. So by recognizing my weaknesses, I compensate without being a jerk.

This article is a very good overview of the state of our hysteria about teen sexual health. I especially like the point about giving teens things to do other than fuck or hang around in the freaking library(when I was in Memphis, tons of unsupervised teens were in the main library because they had nowhere to go. They can barely even go to Peabody Place because of the restrictive dress codes- they put the mall up in an urban area, with projects, and then expected the people from there not to go) I'm not a parent, but couldn't they at least donate some time to Habitat for Humanity? When I was a teen, I loved that shit. It should be even better for dudes because strength and heavy lifting gives a nice way to feel masculine without doing something negative.

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