Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The fire that killed those children was a tragedy, and you should never leave two year olds alone. But the comments here, I think are wrong. For example, I don't think people are OMG HAVING BABIES FOR THE WELFARE. Note that the MAXIMUM cash benefit for a family of three is $185. Parents, and those who know parents compare that with the expense of raising *one* child for a month. Even using food stamps as a medium of exchange, a family of three would 'earn' $300 from those food stamps. In comparison, if you worked 20 hours a week at MCDonalds for a month, you would earn $580[gross.] and that is less work than having two kids.

Also, I am sort of wonky about the OMG, THEY SHOULD BE STERILIZED posse. That reminds me too much of the involuntary sterilizations of the past. I believe that not having a baby is fine and having babies is good too. A woman can use her fertility if she wants to. I say this because it's so easy to be a 'bad mother' nowadays. If you're single, poor, are black, according to a lot of people, the joy of motherhood should elude you forever. Bumpkis to that.

and on an unrelated note:
I think we get ourselves into the 7 year degree trap with our own work ethic. We should give our students the ability to really focus on school itself, instead of YOU SHOULD BE WORKING 5 JOBS, BEING IN TWO COMMITTEES, AND PARTYING EVERY NIGHT sort of attitude we have.

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