Thursday, October 01, 2009

BfP makes arching connections in the case of Roman Polanski. I think it is psychological, but I think everything is. If we like Polanski, we try to make up reasons why he is justified, even in monstrosity. Then the comments get into self hating folks. Well, I think most of us have a need to be one up. This is why 'solutions' in the complaining about the morals of other people's children genre are so popular. "Man', we say, 'if only those other people taught their children to not have sex/study/to get JAYSUS, we'd all be fine'. We don't have to do anything, since it's all the fault of those other people, with their terrible ways, and we get to feel great about ourselves! Anyway, I think that even though sometimes folks do say fuck you, I choose my choice! the critique that people internalize negative standards is still valid.

This is getting rambly, so hey, let's go and slap the author of a triggery fanfic in the face.

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