Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The problem here is that there are a million sides to the wider debate about sex in society. which is not just divided into pro gay marriage/anti gay marriage. So of course, I'm extending the discussion somewhat here. There's the 'hey, I don't really care about your kinky sex life, but they are doing WHAT to 13 year olds?' types, the 'Really, I didn't need to know all that about your sex life. Keep it in your bedroom/kitchen/bathroom' side, the 'well, vagina loving feminist divas is OK but I'm not so sure about bangbus' side, the ' marriage is cool, but I'm not so sure about the marriage of 5 people' side, the 'poly people are more evolved' side, the 'hey, I love more than one person but shut the fuck up with that more evolved' side, and god knows how many other sides.

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