Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elle has useful things to say. But unfortunately, I'm going to go and say a bunch of unuseful things. I always feel that I am causing slack that needs to be taken up. I'm reminded of a manga, Tramps Like Us[Kimi wa Pet, but I call it by its US name]. The male main character is a male dancer who is too short to be a lead in a ballet. He says that the reason that he is so short is that he tried to jump so high. He noted that it was ironic, but didn't change who he was. The point of that story is that it is ironic that I am so ill because I worked so hard. My true self is irritable and is all like 'Heck, I could have partied instead of studied and had a few kids!'. My adult self says 'well, at least your life is much easier and more pleasant!' But sadly, I still feel resentful, despite the lack of rational need for that to be so.

I'm a sensitive soul. For example, when people ask me how many kids I have, I'm all that's a personal question! And I'd much rather be mistaken as a doctor[sorry about the white coat cosplay in the hospital back in college- we wore white coats over our street clothes to distinguish us from the patients at the mental hospital, and always ate at the children's hospital. Once my classmate's clothes got wet and she had to wear 'patient clothes'[the sort of outfit given to patients who for whatever reason don't have any or enough] and the whole staff gave her a wide breadth for the rest of the day] than a teenage mom[why small children will follow anyone even vaguely related to them around and ask them for candy is a mystery]. Well...progress, not perfection.

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