Thursday, May 14, 2009

People who benefit from feminism trash feminism, film at 11.

This ties into today's quote:

There were quotas for women[circa 1968, England]; their admission was limited to 15 percent of incoming classes, and most of the successful girls were chemistry applicants right out of the exclusive private schools. But, even so, I believed I could get in. I wrote to the dean of every medical school I could think of. All the responses were the same: I was deemed 'unsuitable' and told, in so many words by one school, to go back to the kitchen sink. In the meantime, I watched medical schools accept my younger male classmates, with poor grades, on the basis of their rugby skills"

-Sue Fisher-Hoch from Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC

Luckily, she didn't go back to the kitchen sink, and the world is richer for it. But what about all the talent that was wasted back then? We can't get it back.

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