Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Maybe I'm not an expert, but I don't think women don't know that to be on tech panels they need to submit things or that it's fun to blog about technical issues. Stuff like perform like a porn star ads seek to keep women in their place- you're just a disembodied ass, like this computer here.

Through Mother Jones, I found this great post- I especially liked the bit about how homophobes think that gay people just want to talk to their ugly kids or their ugly selves. It shows how self centered racism and homophobia is. Instead of truly connecting with others and seeing them for who they are it's all me,me,me. That reminds me of the racist note writer mentioned in this column- the town is only for whites, baseball- a global past time popular in places from the Caribbean to Japan- is only for whites. That not only prevents them from enjoying little league in their own communities, but also prevents them from enjoying the major leagues and the great talent we get from overseas.

Also, police officers shake down people of color in Texas.

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