Saturday, April 25, 2009

I think the one sentence of this article makes me think of a crucial shift in our thought about sex. 'We don't want to give up what turns us on' I first started thinking about this...well, OK, I have to admit my guilty pleasure. I like reading Pandagon. Despite being too lazy to raise anyone's consciousness, I still feel sort of bad. Anyway, I was reading about how Eliot Spitzer thinks springing his choking fetish on prostitutes is a totally sensible thing to do.

I think that what turns us on is considered too important in our society. Yes, choking prostitutes and not using a condom[possibly exposing them to some diseases] might have turned Elliot Spitzer on, but I think other considerations should have come first, like was the woman fully prepared for the scene, health risks,etc. It's all right to be turned on by certain things, but you need to look beyond the orgasm. Our culture encourages us to stop at the orgasm, and not see beyond it. And I think it's bad for everybody.

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