Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As usual, I was arguing with nezua on the twitter. We were complaining about how people who go around fucking people in their sleep are giant jerks. Nezua and I parted ways on the consenting partners thing though. While I can see some couples having perfectly fine agreements to wake each other up with sex, I can see a whole lot of ways that we have an agreement could end up fucked up.

For example, one partner could think 'well, her nipples got all hard, so she's totally into it' or maybe one time one partner was into the sleep sexing, but sometimes they have a big test and don't want to be woken up with the peen. I can just see a million ways folks could say 'we have an agreement' and folks end up feeling hurt or violated. So remember folks, talk about under what conditions you want to be fucked in your sleep. Mine are 'under no conditions, fucker. I need that sleep'

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