Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lady wears dumb shirt, gets ass beat, the internet laughs. I'd like to note that black people can choose to beat the asses of any idiots they desire, and racism isn't their fault. That's what annoys me about the whole they didn't march so you could beat some idiots ass stuff. Dude, we're human and can be anyone we want to be. We deserve rights even if some of us are assholes, if some of us make mistakes. I say this because the whole blacks only deserve x, y or z if they are perfect stuff plays right into racists' hands, because someone, somewhere, will wear questionable fashions, have mental illnesses or even just do things that are fun and interesting, so you can't win at that game.

Ah, on the internet, we have stupid. Really, Africa isn't a country, and really, yea, some people do eat clay, which may or may not be bad for them, but no need for eugenics crazy,ok?

On a lighter note, Indians find fun and creative uses for condoms.

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