Friday, December 30, 2005

The debunkingwhite skinhead Kwanzaa thread has now spun out to valuable reflections on being critical. It's worth your while to visit it. I need to read Killing Rage too. Maybe when school starts again, and I can get it from the library. One comment on the thread that really struck me was about the eurocentric ethic of saying one thing, and doing another. I have to admit that I do associate this with white people, and I find it very confusing. If you say you care about the poor, then do things to improve their situation. Don't take away food from poor kids' mouths, and say you are helping because they'll be 'self reliant'. Like WTF? Also, if you say you care about babies, then don't only talk about them when they are in somebody's womb- help them after they are born! I just don't get it.

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