Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I was expecting something about how race might complicate Tiana and that Naveen's relationship- say, if they declared him 'white', could they get together? But if folks say he's 'black', wouldn't he get sick of the shoddy treatment? What about his home country? What would they think about that?

But NO! We get 'black women are single because they are holding out for a black hero'. Whaaaat? There's no pervasive cultural messages about the desirability of black women?! We don't get any shit like "I can't date a black woman...they don't like opera"[but women of other races don't like opera much either!!!]?! No! It's because when asian, white and latino men are blanketing us with marriage proposals, we're saying no? I'm not seeing it.

And maybe some women don't marry because they don't want unsuitable men*, did you ever think about that?

*I say 'men' because everyone is too picky about marriage laws lately. They barely will let women marry women, even though plenty of people would enjoy marriage that way!

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