Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hey, newsweek guy! We haven't given up! But the truth is that we might be working hard, but other folks work against. While it was wrong for dude to punch chica here in the face, the bull people spout pushes us back. The space between us increases every time folks attack us with their hurtful words. Then again, the idea that dads are a magic panacea also increases the space between us and our goals.

Or maybe I should say, the idea that only men, and only biological fathers can be 'dads' widens the space. We can all help protect children from the violence of the world and nurture their growth. We can all be 'dads' for the children- we just need to broaden our perspective.

But looking from another perspective, saying we need dads in the homes means we don't have to do anything. I mean, what can we do? If only she had stayed with that dude! We have no complicity in the conditions- it's all the fault of people who aren't getting married. It's easy for us, isn't it?

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