Thursday, June 04, 2009

Maybe I'm just a terrible person, but I can see the usefulness of the good enough parenting model. I'm the sort of person who gets all worried when I see say, the neighbor's child climbing on the back of their truck. Now, I'm sure their toddler has done this hundreds of times without me looking, but it makes me so anxious! Combine that sort of thing with my general perfectionism, and I can see the mental breakdown coming from here.

I can see why parents with my personality style- type A, perfectionist- need to be told 'Ok, just because you didn't do it perfectly this time, doesn't mean your kid is going to be ruined for life. Children are resilient.' I mean...making parenting into some sort of evaluative thing sounds pretty stressful, but I'm just a big meanie. I even think it's OK to formula feed.

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