Sunday, June 07, 2009

I found this comment interesting. I do agree that people do overextend the idea of 'alternative medicine'. I'm all for eating healthy and getting some sunshine eventually, but my biggest pet peeve is the idea that doctors are out to kill you. I think sure, there are terrible doctors out there, but can't people just be bad at their jobs without all doctors trying to kill you? I mean, some post office workers are terrible, but I don't posit they go to the postal academy of death where their only goal is to misdirect my mail by not understanding online postage.

Not to mention, alternative healers annoy me on a very basic level. Why would you pay to get the same sort of dubious medical 'advice' that you can get from your mom? I'm confused that years of medical school can be replaced by the internet, but some guy who took an hour course in 'Make money by peddling woo' can't be replaced by the net? Wut?

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