Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Racist's Rogue Gallery

Well, there's plenty of different sorts of racists. Here's a few of them I've observed

The we are the world racist:

Habitat: Everywhere

Main attacks: we're all just people! I'm colorblind!

Comments: The most annoying type of racist by far. So self deluded they try to water down the history, culture and vibrancy of the human race so that they don't have to acknowledge the very real and horrible problems there are in this world.

The Both Sides Racist

Habitat: They tend to be faux liberals

Main attacks: well...there's been bad things on both sides...

Comments: Pretty annoying as jumbling together every single time a person of color acted in less than a perfect way and systemic oppression really obscures the latter. Inevitably, the greater focus will be on that one time that that kid in high school called someone a honky and not say, on our borked justice system.

I hope for this to become a regular feature

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