Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pet peeve- I hate it when people say stuff like Obama will save us from those bad negros what with their tacky outfits. This guy says it better than me, but really, he's a politician, not a style consultant to black teens. Now, I was a very nice, cleancut teen, but I have to admit that when I went to the mall, what politicians wore did not exactly influence me. When my brother was dying his hair with koolaid[this is OK because white teens were doing it, but if most black teens were dying their hair with koolaid, it'd be the work of the devil] I don't think he thought "well, all the 40 year old politicians dye their hair with kool aid" and for god's sake, really, if you don't believe in working hard in school[although I don't believe that most blacks are against doing well in school] is Obama going to make you stop cutting class and start doing your homework? I mean, I don't think humans work like that. John Kerry and Bill Clinton were both white men who went to college and did well, but in TN, many white children are still blowing off school and not doing their homework.

Not to mention the white 'college kids' who are not coming to class and are deciding to sleep off hangovers instead.

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