Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear the web, Hilliary ate the last piece of bread

A sociological discussion of stuffwhitepeoplelike. I agree about how rich white folks are centered as the norm and everyone else is the other. I mean, remember those "me and all my pals in Manhattan want to be stay at home moms, so now we're having an opt out revolution" stories in the NY Times? Apparently everyone cares about what one chick and her pals think, because she's pale and got the cash.

A comment on the blog that is interesting. I agree with this. White folks whine about being 'accused' of liking bottled water, sandwiches that may be expensive, but in fact are yummy, and asian fusion restaurants. OMG, we gotta say even more bad stuff about black people because one white guy said LOLZ, white people love tea! That means that black people...ARE LAZY AND EAT FRIED CHICKEN~ HAR HAR HAR. Really, that says a lot about you, but not much about anyone else.

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