Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another PSA

Employed people: There has been some confusion on what a job lead is. So let's play Goofus and Gallant. Goofus says "Hey! I saw a sign at a fast food place that said it was hiring!" "Gallant says "Hey, my workplace is looking for an office assistant. Here's the manager's number". Goofus thinks our applicant can just show up at a random fast food place and get hired- despite being over/underqualified. Gallant realizes that matching the experience of the friend to the job is important, finds a spot that is actually hiring, and gives his friend the hookup.

Goofus says "Here's some random links I found on the internet!" Gallant says "I told my professional contacts that you were looking.". Goofus thinks his unemployed friend doesn't have the internet and can't use a search engine. Gallant knows that giving material help that the jobseeker couldn't get by just using google is important.

Goofus says "Man, why are you on the internet if you're looking for work?" Gallant says "Let's watch movies at my place." Goofus still believes that pounding the pavement will get you anything other than "apply online." Gallant knows that the process is long and hard- and life can't be put on hold for people who may take months to get back to you. If ever.

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