Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Although I am surprised that this guy turned down a 40K job, this article does give us information about the many young people who are being frozen out of the job market- such as the 37% that are either out of the labor market or unemployed.

I also wonder if they take into account people who need a full time job to pay their bills, but can only get part time. I think that older people need to understand that while wages have stagnated, the price of college and housing have gone up, so a person could graduate with $5000 in debt, and be looking at a $1000 apartment, on $10 an hour, part time.

Not to mention, I have a strange theory. OK, I'm piggybacking on hard working people who have come up with spoon theory instead of doing what I should be doing- probably coming up with some of my own. Anyway, my theory is that some people can do five jobs and raise five kids and not collapse from exhaustion, while others, the best they can do is one job, and have a messy house. There of course are various reasons- some people use their energy on navigating obstacles like places that aren't accessible for people with mobility issues, and some folks are just plain born tired- this is me. My throat is sore, my head is aching, and my bones hurt.

People who are more 'able' are judgmental towards the rest of us, but sadly, that's not really any help. What you're able to do is probably worlds away from what the rest of us can do. You wouldn't expect a paraplegic to dance a jig...ok, maybe you would, but that would be wrong to do. Use some of your energy to understand the rest of us.

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