Thursday, February 11, 2010

This sort of thing is why I'm so suspicious of the so called 'power' of female sexual display. The power requires someone else to give it to you. This woman is not so much to blame for buying into the hype. For years, we've been told oh, women are so powerful; they can make a man do anything by shaking their ass!

But your ass is always too big, too small, too old, too exposed, too covered. Too dark, too light, too high, too low. You shake it too much, no, you shake it too little. When someone talks about how crazy this society makes her, how after being told and told that sexual and appearance value IS her value as a woman, it's all get therapy!

Now, that's just degrading the idea of therapy, and I'm sick of it. Therapists treat mental illnesses, and also help people adjust to life's traumas. It's a noble profession and I don't like it being used as a cheap insult. It seeks to say that the person didn't just say something you disagree with, but is deviant in a bone deep way.

I mean, "I feel invisible because of the hurtful comments of some dick musician, and it reminds me of feeling invisible in public" "You should get therapy for that". What's with that? "I hope you get the help you need for feeling bad because some asshole put you down!" Well, that's really condescending! And thanks for making mental health care more stigmatized.

When people really get to the point where their life situations have them about to break, when their natural resilience and support networks are not enough to support them, and they may need to seek guidance from a helper, they may shy away because they remember you being a wafflesnatcher.

I think that mental health is broad. You can be vulnerable, hurt in places, and still not be 'crazy' or 'bad'. I think a lot of us are more lonely than we have to be because we're constrained to having an image of no weakness, no fear, nothing but goodness and strength. If only somehow, we could share ourselves with each other without fear.

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