Thursday, October 30, 2008

A listing of my talents:

1)I recognized that candy corn sucked as a small child.

2)I can discern low quality chocolate from high quality chocolate

3)I can manifest really weird symptoms- like underarm boils and aching tongue.

4)I can read really fast.

5)I get good grades on tests.

6) No one has ever been seriously injured by any jewelry I have made.

7)Complete and total strangers will tell me about their shameful secrets, ask me for directions, and tell me to tell small children about the importance of reading.

8)I can think of a dark side to every story.

9)My netflix queue is 500 movies long- because I can think of that many things I want to watch.

10)I can sing many dar williams and aimee mann songs.

11)I know how to use the internet.

12)I appreciate some poetry.

13)I can sometimes repeat things verbatim from books.

Ok, I can't think of anything else, but all of these are true.

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