Tuesday, January 20, 2009

People discuss sex positivity on Ren's not safe for work blog.

I have to admit that I'm not sex positive. I'm OK if you're a diaper fur in your own bedroom, but when you get on the internet, telling us about how ~special~ you are, I'm going to laugh. And really, orgasms? as liberation? Next thing you know I'll claim that playing Persona 3 is revolution. People pretend that women don't play video games. As a hairy low sex drive if you hurt me I'm going to rip your balls off and shove them down your throat woman with a sensitive gag reflex, I uh...am not sex positive. And stop writing ass hymens into your fanfic. And for god's sake, 13 year olds, stop going down on each other and get your lesson.

Yea, basically, my personality is such that I can't be sex positive. That's too much being nice to people who are fricking hilarious, I like to make fun of people way too much. So if you like to be beaten with a salami during sex...you're still allowed to do it, except don't do it to children or animals, that's just mean, but I'm going to make so much fun of you.

This is also why I can't be an activist. I'm always goofing off and making fun of people.

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