Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tis the season to complain about how the PC gnomes are going to make you not say Merry Christmas. You know what? The PC Gnomes don't exist. They aren't hanging around with their gnome guns trying to force you to say Happy Holidays. The reason people say happy holidays is because we want a greeting that shoves the whole whack in. To me, the whole mess starting in October and running up to New Years has very little to do with Christmas, and more to do with a sort of festive season of consumerism and parties. People of other religions or no religion enjoy participating in that season, which is all good. But Christmas is really specific to me. My family members who don't celebrate Christmas[ they are Jehovah's Witnesses] may buy their holiday oreos or go to a black friday sale, but really, why say Merry Christmas to them? They don't celebrate it.

We live in a larger world than we used to, and since we don't know what every single random person celebrates, whether they are the sort who go to Christmas mass, but don't think that say, Nov 25th is Christmas or the sort that celebrate Cephalopodmas, it's easier to just say holiday and get it over with.

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